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The Project

Southeast Iowa
Sports Center

Recreation and sports are important and defining components of our state. Nearly anyone can tell you the answer to a question from the 1989 movie Field of Dreams “Is this heaven?”.


In our own community, planning documents dating back to 1992 have asked Ottumwans to enhance our community ballfields and sports parks in a variety of ways - That’s nearly three decades of citizen input talking about prioritizing youth sports and facilities in Ottumwa.

Our time Has Come

It’s time to move these conversations to action and build a sports complex that will be a lasting legacy to this shared vision in our community: a state-of-the-art facility for dozens of teams, hundreds of players in all age categories, and generations of families in our community.

Community Benefit

The significance of this project goes beyond just sports, it will have a long-lasting positive effect within our community. One of the many advantages that the Greater Ottumwa area will have is the economic benefit from the youth sports market. On any given weekend, families from all over the State will travel to Ottumwa to participate in a variety of tournaments such as volleyball, basketball and soccer.

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